Frequently Asked Questions

What services are supported?
Currently we have direct support for PixelPost, Typepad, Blogger, Wordpress (self-install edition) and Moveable Type. If you do not use these services, you can still use BuyThisImage! by copy and pasting the required code (two lines of Javascript) directly onto your website. See the setup instructions in your account area for more information.
Will new images I post automatically be on sale?
That depends your default BuyThisImage! settings. If you turn BuyThisImage! on by default then, yes, the BuyThisImage! button will appear automatically. If you turn BuyThisImage! off, then you will need to select the image for sale. To do this, follow these steps:

1) Login into BuyThisImage!
2) Open a new tab in your browser and go to your website or blog
3) Underneath each applicable image, you will now have the option to offer, or not offer, it for sale.

Can you give me an example of how the pricing works?
Absolutely. Let's say you sell two 11x14 for $39.99 each. That's a total of $79.98 worth of sales. We don't take any fees on S&H or taxes. Of the sales total, we deduct an 18% transaction and credit card processing fee, as well as the printing costs. In this case, that will be 2x $4.99 = $9.98. In practice, this works out to be:

Total sales: $79.98
Transaction fee: $14.40
Printing fees: $9.98
Total due to you: $55.60

Please note that you set your own pricing.

Selling prints at cost
To sell prints without mark-up, simply set the price to $0 in your admin area. By default we don't charge less than the print costs, so the displayed pricing will just be that. There's no cost to you when you offer it like that.
Turn-around times
Generally speaking we ship all print sizes smaller than 8x12 within one business day. Large format prints and gift items are shipped within 2 business days. Canvas prints take 5 business days as that much time is required for them to properly dry.
International shipping
We ship worldwide. Keep in mind that shipping times vary greatly by country and we cannot guarantee timely delivery outside of the United States.
International users
You are free to use BuyThisImage if you are not in the US. Keep in mind that we only pay with US checks, no exceptions! Also, be sure that your site is in English. We are unable to support questions from you or your customers that are not in English!
Can I use BuyThisImage if I don't have a site yet?
No, but fear not! If you don't have a website or blog yet, take a look at ExposureManager, our full-service gallery & fulfillment solution. Pricing starts at just $6.95 a month to get your own galleries set up!

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