About Us

BuyThisImage! is a free service provided by ExposureManager, the experts in onlinephoto sales. ExposureManager is a full-service online sales partner that makes it easy for photograpghers to sell their work via online galleries. Orders can be fulfilled by the photographer or through ExposureManager's in-house pro lab in Torrance, CA.

ExposureManager was launched in 2004 and caters to thousands of full and part-time photographers. BuyThisImage! was conceived for those photographers who are not yet ready to make the jump to make photography their full time job but shoot amazing images regardless.

Who is behind ExposureManager?
ExposureManager, or EM as we like to call it, is run by Donovan Janus and Rhesa Rozendaal. When Donovan is not thinking of new ways for photographers to make money, he enjoys motorcycling, flying and of course photography. Rhesa keeps himself up at nights thinking about server infrastructure. That's just as well as he resides in Hungary and his nights are our days. In his free time he enjoys playing the harp and entertaining his daughter.